Rao Tula Ram Memorial Hospital

New, Jaffarpur Kalan, Delhi, 110073
Rao Tula Ram Memorial Hospital
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This is a general 100 bedded Hospital. Its main objective is to provide free health care services and to be recognized as leader in quality, patient-centred, cost effective health care. It is intended that all users receive courteous & prompt attention.

Phone No: 011 25318070, 011 25318444, 011 25318555

Open 24 hours

Bio- Medical Waste & Environment Management

Information pertaining to the hospital as prescribed under BMWM Rule 2016:

  1. Contact Address and details of health care facility:

Rao Tula Ram Memorial Hospital, Jaffarpur, New Delhi-110073

Tel. No.: 011-25318444,555

  1. No. of Beds: 100
  2. Details of:

(a)     Authorisation under BMWM Rules, 2016: Applied for

(b)   Consent under water Act, 1974 and Air Act, 1981: Obtained (valid up to 23/02/2021)

  1. Quantity of biomedical waste generated in Kg per day: Approx. 56 Kg/day
  2.  Mode of disposal of Biomedical Waste: Through CBWTF
  3. Name and Address of the CBWTF: SMS Water Grace BMW Pvt. Ltd.
  4. Record of the Biomedical Waste generation:

(a)    Yellow category: 10,732 Kg/year

(b)   Red category: 7,397 Kg/year

(c)    White category: 750 Kg/year

(d)   Blue category: 1021 Kg/year

  1. Number of trainings conducted on BMWM in current year: Please see annual report
  2. Stats of immunization of health care workers involved in handling of BMW: Please see annual report

Some important points:

  1. The hospital manages its waste as per Biomedical Waste Management   Rules 2016 as monitored by the D.P.C.C.   An   environment   Management group has been constituted in the   hospital   with concerned   nodal officers and PWD engineers as members   that look   after issues   pertaining to Bio-Medical Waste Management   and   environmental issues.
  2. Waste Management Infrastructure: RTRM Hospital has  an industrial autoclave with a shredder for     managing and treating waste   Category 7 (red bags). The hazardous   waste   in Yellow bags is being   lifted by the agency authorized by the   Delhi   Govt. for the purpose   (Transport and Incineration) as per the  terms of   its agreement with  Govt.
  3. Data  pertaining to BMW is well maintained and monthly, quarterly and       annual report is sent to DPCC and DHS. Regular rounds are taken to ensure proper segregation/ management of bio-medical wastes by its       handlers.
  4. Hospital has applied for authorization for   consent   to   Operate/Establish under the Air and Water Act to the   Delhi   Pollution   Control Committee (DPCC). Standard operating   procedures   (SOPs) have been   provided to all areas about BMW   Management.
  5. The   Hospitals has also commissioned a Sewage   Treatment Plant (STP)   60000   L/day for treating its organic waste.   Water is a scarce commodity   in   this area of Delhi. Ground water is   highly salinity (>6000     units/L).

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