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Mount Columbus School DELHI
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Proving its motto ‘Spread the Knowledge’ true, the school aims at developing the mental, physical and spiritual potential of each child. The students are motivated to strive for excellence and develop an all round personality.

Every effort is made at Mount Columbus to impart an education that will inculcate the new generation the humility to rise above the individual needs, serve mankind and become success driven achievers.

Affiliated to: CBSE
Phone No: 011 2905 1111
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Mount Columbus School, New Delhi has a unique place in the premier group of institutions. It has the inherent quality to grow and develop. Established in 2011, the school is steadily moving to make it a role model school equipped with good infrastructure coupled with modern technologies and a group of good staff members headed by enlightened leaders. The school is a composite co-educational English medium school affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.The school is situated in South Delhi, is one of the leading institutions in Delhi. Proving its motto ‘Spread the Knowledge’ true, the school aims at developing the mental, physical and spiritual potential of each child. The students are motivated to strive for excellence and develop an all round personality.

  1. The school diary is where all communication to parents from the school is written, parents should therefore refer to this diary on a daily basis.
  2. Parents may also communicate with the teacher through this diary.
  3. All students should bring the school diary to school daily. If the school daily. Of the school diary is lost new diary should be bought.
  4. All students should bring the school diary to school daily. If the school daily. Of the school diary is lost new diary should be bought.
  5. Students must bring their tiffin along with them. Tiffin boxes, brought thereafter will not be accepted by the guards or reception people.
  6. Punctuality and regularity in attendance is essential. Students should be present in the class at the start of the period and in time for all other activities and functions.
  7. Students who arrive late without prior permission will be required to bring a note from the parents/ Guardian which is to be handed over to the class teacher. However, where a student arrives late without permission he/she will not be allowed to attended the class on that date.
  8. Students must come to school in neatly laundered uniform and polished shoes and nails must be cut regularly.
  9. Boys should get their hair cut properly and girls should not let their hair loose. Girls must wear maroon hair bands or rubber bands. Girls with long hair should sport two plaits with proper hair rubber bands. Girls should not apply nail polish, kajal, mehndi when the school is in session.
  10. All pupils should wear the prescribed uniform of the school every day during school hours. it is compulsory for the students to wear PT uniform on Monday and Thursday. No alteration of the uniform is permissible. Students should not wear narrow pants or short skirts. Students from class VI onwards are not allowed to come in different dress on their birthdays.
  11. Students are strictly forbidden to leave the school premises during regular school hours.
  12. When a pupil is not able to attend the school an application from the parents in English is necessary.
  13. A pupil who is found to be habitually absent without any bonafide reason or any satisfactory explanation from the guardian for more than six days (class IX onwards and ten days(Class Nursery to class VIII), is liable to have his/her name struck off from the school register. Re-admission, if granted, will be done on payment of re-admission fee of Rs. 500/-
  14. Care must be taken for school property and no student should scratch or damage the school property or write or draw on the walls or cause damage in any way to any item belonging to the school. Any damage done will render the students liable for recovery of damages. Besides a fine or negligence will be imposed.
  15. In the absence of the teacher from the classroom, students are required to observe silence and obey the class representative.
  16. Every student should have his/ her own text book, stationery and other materials required for studies. Articles should not be exchange nor should money be borrowed or lent.
  17. The home work assigned to the pupils by the teachers should be done regularly and systematically. Guardians are requested to co-operate with the school authorities by checking up the homework of their wards.
  18. Parents who are non-cooperative or negligent with regard to their wards’ school life may be asked to withdraw their children from the school. The very presence of parents in the school is an encouragement to the child to perform better in function, exhibition etc. parent –teacher meeting, called to discuss the progress of their wards, should be attended by all.
  19. Unfair means used in an examination will result in zero in that paper followed by a red card and a warning. Any repetition will result in instant dismissal.
  20. It is the duty of all the students to keep their classrooms and other places in and around the school clean and in order. All waste paper and other discardable materials should be thrown in the dustbin.
  21. It is compulsory for all the children to converse in English CBSE as the syllabus stresses on students competence to speak confidently and fluently in English. A student must speak in decent language all the time. He must ensure that his speech is courteous and polite. No student should participate in any kind of rumour spreading and should refrain from speaking ill about others. Students are not expected to use objectionable language.
  22. Buying eatables from street vendors is strictly forbidden outside the school premises.
  23. Any communication sent from the school should be conveyed to the parents promptly. Parents must meet the teachers by prior appointments and with the permission of the Principal only.
  24. The general behaviour of the students should be good not only in the school but also outside. Any reported objectionable conduct outside the school will make the students liable or disciplinary action.
  25. Before leaving the class at the end of the day, student should arrange the desk and chairs in proper order switch off the lights and fan, close the window throw the waste paper and unwanted materials in the dustbin and then leave and classroom
  26. All safety norms must be followed by while travelling in the school bus .if a student is found to be engaged in inappropriate behaviour / language in the bus , then the bus facility will be permanently cancelled thereof.
  27. Students are not allowed to receive private tuitions from the teachers of the school.
  28. No child suffering from any infectious disease will be allowed to attend the school until he/ she is free from the infection. He/ she will be allowed to sit in the class only after producing authentic medical certificate.
  29. The name, class and section of the pupil should be clearly marked on all his/her belongings.
  30. No articles will be passed on the students either in the form of food or stationary during school hours. No student shall remain in the class-room during the morning break, P.T. period, art class or music period without the written permission of the class teacher.
  31. Students are not allowed to drive any vehicle to come to school. If found , then, the vehicle will be impounded and the student will be liable for strict action.
  32. Do not send expensive gifts and sweets on birthdays or any other festivals. No student is allowed to carry any electronic gadget like mobile, camera, headphone, I-pad etc to school. If found, then the banned device will be confiscated and will not be returned under any circumstances. Fancy watches should not be worn in the school.
  33. Students are not allowed to wear any kind of ornaments except a small earring for girls.
  34. The principal has full authority to refuse admission to a child and give transfer certificate to existing students on disciplinary charges.
  35. Every student should take care of his / her personal belongings. School authorities will not be responsible for loss of such belongings.
  36. A student must extend due courtesy and respect to all members of the staff. Respect for elders and affection for juniors should be soundly inculcated. Refinement in behavior should distinguish every pupil of the school. Every child is expected to uphold the name and honour of the school.
  37. Kindly update the change in contact number/ address/ bus transport/ van on a regular basis to the concerned class teacher for smooth functioning of the school.

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